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A labour of moles taken from local farmland in Somerset by Barron Pest Control, traditional Molecatcher.

The Pests

Moles (Talpa Europaea) although the mole is rarely sighted evidence of it's activities are easily identifiable. Molehills & tunnels are easily noted especially in a garden or on a sports field. The molehill is basically a heap of loose soil that has been forced out of the underground tunnel system.


A rare apricot coloured mole, caught in Somerset by Barron Pest Control.

The mole is a common British mammal which lives almost entirely underground, although they are able to move above ground fairly rapidly and are competent swimmers. Moles are generally fairly solitary creatures and both sexes will defend their territories vigorously, often only coming together to mate. Moles often have just a single litter a year consisting of up to 7 pups, which are suckled for around a month and leave the nest after around 5 weeks.

The main complaints against the mole are;

  • Molehills are unsightly.
  • Loss of amenity of playing fields/public areas.
  • Damage to paddocks making them unsafe for equestrian use.
  • Spoilage of silage.
  • Damage to mowers etc.
  • Damage to grass & seedlings/plants.

Moles are supremely adapted for life underground. This one was caught humanely in a traditional moletrap by Barron Pest Control.

Often when I'm called in to deal with moles the client has already had a go at deterring the mole himself. I've seen all manner of liquids tipped into mole runs including petrol, creosote,

diesel, Jeyes Fluid, water etc. etc. None of these remedies work, they only serve to make the mole dig an even more extensive tunnel system. The only humane way of dealing with nuisance moles, in my opinion, is by trapping.

I am a member of The Association of Professional Mole Catchers and use only traditional trapping techniques to remove moles, although I am qualified in the use of gassing compounds, the Health & Safety issues associated with their use, not to mention the moles welfare issues, makes their use impractical in almost all day to day scenarios.

I am happy to operate on a contracted or call out basis for mole work so:


Moles taken from local farmland in Somerset by Barron Pest Control.

If you have a problem with moles in Bath, Banes area, North Somerset, Mendip or need some advice call

Tel.   01761 233 597


Mobile 07749 896 541


Barron Pest Control supports CRRU.

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