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Grey Squirrels    (Sciurus Carolinensis) are now a familiar sight across much of the U.K. They were introduced from North America in the 19th century, since then they have become widespread in England and Wales and are spreading steadily throughout Scotland, to the detriment of the native Red Squirrels.


Grey Squirrels are a familiar sight across much of the UK. Dealt with by Barron Pest Contol in Wells Somerset


Squirrels do not take kindly to being trapped in cages, traps need to be fixed in place. Barron Pest Control Bath

Grey Squirrels are active during the day and are omnivorous, feeding on nuts, seeds, insects, bird's eggs and increasingly anything which man may discard. They are well known for hoarding food in autumn to see them through the winter. (Grey Squirrels, contrary to popular belief, do not hibernate). Breeding takes place from early January to May. The gestation period is 6-7 weeks and on average two litters are produced each year, consisting of anything from 1 to 8 young. The average lifespan in the wild is 8-9 years.


Kania traps are very effective against squirrels. This one caught by Barron Pest Control in Bath.

The Grey Squirrel has become a serious pest species in Britain. In all areas they are a threat to growing trees as their habit of bark stripping is extremely damaging. In towns & cities they have earned the reputation of public enemy no.1 by their habit of getting into roof spaces and wreaking havoc on insulating materials, gnawing woodwork, plastic piping & electrical wiring, which in many cases leads to costly repairs & worst case scenario, fire and flood!


Bark stripping by squirrels in Somerset

Control of squirrels most commonly either involves live trapping or spring trapping, either of which is equally effective. This should then be followed by proofing of the property to prevent re-infestation.


Squirrels taken by trapping methods Barron Pest Control Frome

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