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Snaring Rats

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A job last week gave a perfect opportunity to set some snares for some troublesome rats which had taken to raiding a clients chicken pen. I had already taken several 3/4 grown rats in Mk 4 Fenn traps but there were tracks in the mud & droppings which indicated there were some larger specimens lurking about.
Snared rat There were several well defined runs leading across the lawn from the flower beds to the hen's run and it was here that I set several brass snares on plastic fence stakes.

Squirrel in the bathroom

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 The lousy weather of mid summer gave way to a few mediocre days when it didn't rain all day and I had a few calls to deal with wasps but I'd say I'm around 80% down on wasps compared to last summer.
 Moles have carried on their operations near to the surface, due to the weather & the ground being so damp, indeed several clients have suffered multiple mole infestations, where I've trapped several only to be called back some weeks later to get rid of more.

Flaming June

What a total washout "Flaming June" was, days on end of torrential rain & gale force winds. The wet weather has kept moles active near the surface and I have had steady work trapping moles since the spring.
 Rabbits have been breeding like..... rabbits. I caught nearly 30 in one unfortunate lady's garden recently but this is just "firefighting", the time for serious rabbit control is during the winter months when serious inroads can be made in the breeding population.

Rabbits & Myxomatosis

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A cage trapped rabbit, garden near Bath.I have had several rabbit jobs recently where the rabbits had been causing havoc in client's gardens eating newly sprouting plants and excavating holes in carefully tended lawns. I've had quite good results with cage traps set in the feeding areas and Fenn Mk6 traps set in the burrows. This happy state of affairs, for me at least, is soon going to end locally as I've seen several dead & dying rabbits while I've been out with the dog in the last week or so.

Handling live rats.

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Rat in a rabbit burrow, fields near Bath While out this morning checking rabbit traps I bent down and picked up what I thought was a dead, 1/2 grown rabbit caught in a Fenn Mk6 trap, imagine my surprise when I pulled out of the burrow a very lively, fully grown rat. I dropped it quicker than the proverbial hot potato and then administered the "last rites" with a heavy stick from the hedge. Luckily I usually wear gloves when setting traps and Roland wasn't able to give me nip, due to being caught firmly in the trap but it goes to show everything might not be what it seems and you shouldn't take things for granted!

Busy times mole catching.

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Moles taken locally from farmland near Bath Since the weather warmed up the moles have been active. This is the time of the year when the females come into season and the males are out and about looking for love. Clients will ring complaining that they have molehills in their gardens etc. and that they've never had them before as the male moles are persistant chaps and will burrow under walls, fences, hedges etc in their hunt for a mate, sometimes tunneling up to 100 yards in a 24 hour period.
 I have been catching plenty of moles recently not only on local farmland but a pub beer garden, local sports fields, a graveyard, school playing fields, private gardens and stables to name but a few.

Spring is in the air.

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 After the Arctic conditions of last week its good to get out & get on with some serious mole trapping. Last week the traps I had out were set solid in the ground with no hope of any moles springing them and then when there was a slight thaw it snowed, the traps got buried and I couldn't check them anyway. Hopefully no more severe frosts & plenty of mole activity.
Young rabbits make ferreting difficult. Baby rabbits have made ferreting operations difficult now, they will either skip through the nets and knock them down or the ferrets find them in the nest, make a feast of them & then lie down for a snooze.

Cold Weather Pest Control

Moles are active during frosty weather - but traps can freeze solid. Mendip Mole, humanely trapped by Barron Pest Control.Write your post here.
 The colder weather of the past week or so has influenced what can or can't be done in the way of pest control. The severe frosts have made mole trapping next to impossible with the mechanisms on my preferred 1/2 barrel traps being frozen solid and the moles not triggering the traps, however I  did take a particularly "tricky" mole  from a client's garden today which fell to a "talpex" trap after eluding capture for nearly a fortnight - very satisfying.

Garden Pest Control

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 Even Pest Controllers can get an unwanted influx of nasty visitors. We have a pair of feisty hens in or garden which give a steady supply of fresh eggs but the price to pay for having fresh eggs is having to deal with a steady supply of fresh rats.
  Our garden has a wall at the bottom which backs on to open farmland, the rats are active along this wall all year round, always on the lookout to exploit a food source, whether its food from a bird table, anything edible put into a compost bin, uneaten poultry food or simply waste that people throw over garden walls.

Ferret Goes AWOL

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Last Friday morning was nice and frosty, a perfect opportunity to deal with some rabbits for a local client.
The little jill ferrets soon had a brace of rabbits out of a burrow in an old compost heap with no problems.
A Somerset rabbit caught in the meshes of a We moved on to another burrow in a thick, old hedge. I soon had the "Masterhunter" Quickset Longnets erected around the set & entered the pair of jills and stood back to await developments.
About half an hour later the albino jill popped her head out of a bolt hole, I went to pick her up and she ducked back into the burrow but she soon showed again at the hole she'd gone down to start with.
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