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Wasps, Wells & Warminster, Rats in Radstock, Mice in Midsomer Norton, Hornets in Horrington, Moles all over Mendip
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Wasps go Wild in Wells

Wasp nest, Wells, treated by Barron Pest Control Wells, the Cathedral City, on the Southern side of the Mendips appears to be a bit of a wasp hot spot this year. Amongst random calls for wasps Wells is at the moment top of my league for wasp activity. Sometimes the call for the nest which the client has found isn't the only nest on site and after having a good look and observing the wasp "traffic" I have found as many as six at one property.
Wasp nest, Wells, treated by Barron Pest Control Nest sites have ranged from compost bins, bird boxes, conifer & laurel bushes to garden sheds, rockeries, roof spaces and one particular one in the extract pipe of a gentleman's cooker.


Wasp nest, garden shed, Midsomer Norton treated by Barron Pest Control With the hot, dry conditions of the past few weeks the" buzzy, bitey" insects seem to have flourished. The calls for "wasps", which were really bumble bees have stopped & now the wasp calls really are for wasps.
Wasp nest, stone wall, Axbridge, treated by Barron Pest Control After the prolonged wet weather of last summer and the artic blast through the spring I wasn't hopeful of seeing very many wasps, however quite a number appear to have survived the extreme conditions judging by the number of enquiries we've had for nest treatments.


I've had lots of calls this year from folk who have had their lawns ripped up overnight. The culprit is invariably our stripey friend Mr Brock, looking for earthworms, leather jackets, chafer grubs and the like. When the client hears badgers are responsible their reaction is usually : "Well you can shoot them now."
Somerset Badger Whatever the client may want, after having his "billiard table" lawn trashed in the early hours, WE CANNOT SHOOT BADGERS.
 The cull areas are in The Forest of Dean and West Somerset, under licence, certainly not countrywide and willy nilly.

Wasps at Glastonbury

Hurrah!!!  First call this year yesterday for wasps. Not so good was the address of the property - right in the middle of the Somerset village of Pilton, home of the Glastonbury Festival and with the festival opening yesterday to the public I was very dubious about the journey - I could be stuck in traffic for most of the day. However, the client was panic stricken as the insects had chewed a hole in the ceiling of a utility room, had exited the nest into the room & were ready to take on all comers.

Is Spring Here?

While walking the dogs this morning I spotted the very welcome sight of not one, not two but three freshly arrived swallows swooping over a local pasture, a sure sign that at last the weather should wam up. ( I've no idea what they'll eat though as insect life seems very thin on the ground).
2 moles in 1 trap ... not uncommon in spring. In the world of pests moles have been very active locally, the males have been moving around and in the main have been easy enough to bring to book with mating on their minds rather than worring about any metal objects placed in their tunnels.

Mendip Moles go Mad

When the recent snow and frost thawed out lots of people locally found that Mr Mole had been hard at work under the insulating blanket of snow. Calls came thick and fast from irate gardeners, farmers, sports field owners and the like, all with "mole issues."
Mendip Moles SomersetLabour of Mendip Moles The prolonged wet summer last year appears to have been good for the mole population and I think many more young moles than in a dry summer have made it to adulthood. This means that almost every field across the Mendips are currently covered in mounds of excavated earth and criss crossed with mazes of tunnels.


 Last week, before the blizzard, I had been busy with problem moles, mainly in client's gardens but one lot in a graveyard and another lot in some pasture land, the snow fell and within a few hours all my traps and markers were buried under a 6" blanket of snow which has been added to through the week. I have been unable to check the traps for over a week now but hopefully with the insulating blanket of snow over the ground the moles will have been busy near the surface and I'll have a few to pick up this week when the thaw finally comes.

Rats & More Rats

 The torrential rains in the period before Christmas seemed to have driven hordes of rats and mice into people's properties to escape the rising flood waters and perhaps join in the festivities.
Rat in trap. Somerset I was kept busy with numerous calls for reports of noises at night in lofts, under floors, in garages, sheds, compost bins, kitchens, bathrooms .... in fact anywhere that was warm, dry and had a food supply, be it bird food, stored vegetables, or even chocolate Christmas decorations.
 A rodent treatment is usually at least a three visit programme, the first visit to survey the site, lay any bait or traps and carry out a Risk Assessment etc, second visit to check and replenish any consumed bait and remove any carcasses from site, then third, fourth or perhaps even fifth visits until rodent activity is no longer observed.

Christmas Message

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Trev opens his gift.Barron Pest Control Wishes all clients, past and present a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous & Pest Free New Year.

Barron Pest Control staff.

Barron Pest Control staff enjoy this year's Christmas party.

Barron Pest Control

All the excitement proved too much for this tired reveller.

New Appointment at Barron Pest Control

Bella, new recruit at Barron Pest Control
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Kerry & Bella, ready for a fresh challenge.Barron Pest Control is pleased to announce the recent appointment of "Bella". Bella has joined the operation as a trainee and will be shadowing Kerry for a period to pick up tricks of the trade & experience in day to day pest control (such as which is most comfy ..... front seat of the truck or back? and which clients give biscuits with cups of coffee). We wish Bella every success with her training and hope she has a long and fulfilling employment with us.
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