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Rats Everywhere
Rampant Rats in Radstock
Golden Mole
Wasps, Wells & Warminster, Rats in Radstock, Mice in Midsomer Norton, Hornets in Horrington, Moles all over Mendip
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Rats Everywhere

Snare caught rat Stratton on the FosseSnare caught rat Stratton on the FosseSnare caught rat Stratton on the Fosse
8th December and today I treated the biggest wasp nest I've seen this year, the worker wasps were still bringing food into the nest and to say it was "active" would be an understatement, in the weak December sunshine they were really busy. What's going on with the weather? Last week while treating rats in Evercreech I saw daffodils out in full bloom and the local rooks are busy spring cleaning their nests.
 Summer slipped seamlessly into Autumn and I was kept busy with wasps, moles and more rats than ever before.

Rampant Rats in Radstock

Moles aplenty on the Mendips
Have neglected lately to post any recent "Pest Adventures" as Barron Pest Control strived through the Winter and early Spring to combat what seemed like a never ending supply of moles and rats.
 With the very welcome Spring sunshine and no rain now for several weeks the torrent of mole jobs appears to have dried up for now, soon to be replaced by calls for "wasps" which are really either Tree Bumble Bees or Masonary Bees.
Rampant Rats Radstock Rats were in abundance through the Winter and we had several calls to litters of youngsters in December, helped, no doubt, by the unusually mild weather.

Golden Mole

Mole trapping Somerset by Barron Pest ControlThis year Barron Pest Control had a steady stream of mole work all through the summer, even in the drier months of high summer the moles managed to come into conflict with people especially if lawns & plants were being watered continuously causing un-naturally damp conditions - worms need damp and what attracts worms will in turn attract moles.
 As soon as the weather changed and we got some rain, the moles came out to play big time and we got calls from distraught gardeners, farmers, cricket clubs, golf clubs, pubs and even a cemetary.

Wasps, Wells & Warminster, Rats in Radstock, Mice in Midsomer Norton, Hornets in Horrington, Moles all over Mendip

It's been a little while since I've posted anything here, looking back in my diary the mild spring weather carried on and I was kept busy with a steady stream of rats, mice, squirrels and moles. 
Wasp Nest Ubley With the warmer days insects became evident and "Pest of the Month" for late May was the Tree Bumble Bee. I lost count of the number of calls I got for these, largely harmless insects. They are a new species to Britain, first recorded in Wiltshire around 15 years ago but judging by the numbers seen this year they are here to stay.

Rats & Moles

Giant Rat in SomersetWith the torrential rain of the winter months Barron Pest Control was kept quite busy dealing with a succession of rat infestations, which had been driven into people's  houses by the rising flood waters. One of the last ones brought to book was a big, old buck rat that had come in from the rain and taken refuge in a small industrial unit in a local business park. He had a ready supply of food in the bin area just outside, plus he had taken to raiding a bag of sheep food which was stored inside the unit.

Rats Vorsprung Durch Technik

Rat in RubbishThe incessant, torrential rain we've had here in Somerset since Christmas has driven lots of rats to seek shelter from the elements indoors. Mainly clients have rung reporting being woken during the night by the sound of scratching and gnawing coming from the loft or attic and, on inspection, there will be the tell-tale musty smell of rat, plus evidence of gnawing to cables, insulation etc and the inevitable droppings. Several applications of a suitable anti coagulant bait are usually required to put an end to Ratty's nocturnal disturbance.

Christmas Message

Festive Pests Barron Pest ControlBarron Pest Control wishes all clients past, present and future a peaceful and "Pest Free" Christmas and a Prosperous New Year !!!


Halloween is the traditional time of year for "Ghosties, ghoulies, long-legged beasties ........ and things that go bump in the night."
Barron Pest ControlIt is also the time of year when rodents are on the move to take up their winter quarters in warm sheds, garages, out buildings, lofts and attics. Things going "bump in the night" or the sound of scratching, scuttling and gnawing can usually be attributed to one or other of our common rodent species, either the Brown Rat or, locally the Wood Mouse.

Cage Traps

I had a call recently from a lady who had seen a rat in her garden, she looked on a well known internet auction site and got herself a cage trap, which she baited & placed near to where the rat had been seen.
Rat in trap, Radstock Lo and behold, a day or two later she checked on the trap and there inside, frantically chewing at the bars of the cage, was the offending rat. Now the lady had a dilema, what was she going to do with her captive? The instructions which came with the trap only mentioned liberating the captive animal and she didn't want to pass her problem on to any one else or have Ratty return home, once released.

Autumn Pest Control - Cluster Flies

 With the days getting shorter and the nights longer & colder the Natural World begins to shut down for the Winter. Rats and mice, perhaps displaced by harvesting activities begin coming into warmer buildings to survive the winter, their activity often going un noticed until droppings or gnawing have caused damage or spoiled foodstuffs.
 The pest of the moment however is the Cluster Fly. After several nice sunny days of late the phone has been red hot with people troubled with plagues of flies.
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