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Rat Up a Drain Pipe - This one was humanely dealt with by Barron Pest Control in BathThe Pests
Rats   Calls from clients complaining of night time noises in their lofts & attics are usually the fault of our main U.K. pest species the Common or Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus).
  The Brown Rat spread across Europe from Asia during the 18th century via shipping traffic. They have a lifespan of 12 - 18 months in the wild during which time they can produce as many as 6 litters with 8 - 12 young in each.
Brown Rat humanely caught in a Fenn trap by Barron Pest ControlBrown Rat caught in a Snap Trap by Barron Pest Control The rat is probably the most reviled mammal species on earth, due to the problems they have caused mankind throughout history. Rats carry a range of serious diseases transmittable to humans including Leptospirosis (Weil's Disease), Salmonella, Listeria & Toxoplasmosis. Parasites transmitted by rats include mites,nematodes, tapeworms, ticks & fleas. They can also carry & transmit ringworm.
Poultry often attract rats.Needed- Pest Control Somerset Rats can infest and ruin foodstuffs, cause serious structural damage to buildings, pipework & electrical wiring systems - even causing fires - with their constant gnawing.
 I find a high percentage of rat infestations are associated with the feeding of wild birds and also the current trend of home composting. Most rat infestations can usually be dealt with reasonably quickly with the careful use of anti-coagulant baits but each job is different and if the situation warrants it traps, glue boards, snares and ferrets all have a part to play in our war against the Brown Rat.
An enormous rat taken by Barron Pest Control Radstock If you have a problem with rats in Bath, Banes Area, North Somerset, Mendip or think you may have rats don't hesitate to call.
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Another well caught rat by Barron Pest Control in Radstock
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