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A "Labour" of moles taken from a freshly sown field nr Bath.Moles are supremely adapted for living underground.Poultry are a sure way of attracting unwelcome guests.Rattus Norvegicus, well caught in a Mk 4 Fenn trap (which was covered with an "artificial tunnel" made of slates.)
"Friendly Fire." This stoat was the unfortunate victim of a Mk 6 Fenn trap set for rabbits.Feral Pigeons. Cage traps can account for small populations of pigeons.Rabbits. The best bait to get rabbits into these cages is ............. carrots.Mice. Signs of a serious mouse problem.
"Mouse trap"  This shower unit leaked all over the floor after being gnawed by mice.Jackdaws nest. 10 bin liners of sticks were removed from this roof spaceJackdaw nest Another "Friendly Fire" Incident. This hedgehog was caught in a cage trap intended for squirrels & released.
Gulls nest. Gulls are a growing problem in most major cities.Gulls eggs may be taken by "authorised persons" under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981Herring Gulls - "A Growing Problem."A good haul of Mendip moles taken from Somerset farmland.
Voles often inhabit old mole runs.Voles can be trapped quite successfully.Roe Deer, like foxes are moving into towns & cities. Lots of gardeners are finding they can be most unwelcome.Somerset Squirrels
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